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We're a digital agency in Sydney who has made it easy for brands to build up their search engine rankings at low cost !

How It Works

We have a great team of search engine optimisers, content creators and analytical people who work to rank your site higher in search engine results for Google and Bing. We learn your business; we determine your keywords and demographic and we work to raise your rank - simple really!


We learn all about your business, product, customer base, market goals and targeted demographics. We than come up with a plan and SEO strategy.


Our awesome content and technical team work in three main verticals to enhance your Google Ranking leaving no area uncovered.


We have a great team of analytic and data gurus who constantly watch how your sites ranking changes according to the keywords, medium and targeted demographics.

The Package

We provide a simple process that works for small businesses right through to larger organisations who wish to continually enhance and maintain their search rankings in Google and Bing.

In short we action enhancements to the website to increase speed, usability, readability and your onsite SEO score; we action enhancements to the sites content ensuring your site incereases its trust scores and we action and implement activity for content distribution across social media and related websites for link and authority building.

All clients should budget for at least 3 to 6 months before expecting to see marked results.

1 : Initial Audit & Plan


The Basics

  • Review Google Analytics
  • Review Google Webmaster Tools
  • Review Sitemaps
  • Review Robots.txt
  • Review Redirects and Domains

Review Onsite Optimisation

  • Review URL Structures
  • Review META Tags
  • Review use of Structured Data
  • Review use of Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Review all HTML Markup & Structure
  • Review Internal Linking
  • Review Page Speed

Review Offsite Optimisation

  • Review Search Visibility
  • Review Social Media Content
  • Review Social Media Channels
  • Review PR, Blog Mentions
  • Review Backlinks
  • Review Google Business Listing
  • Review Consumer Rankings (Reviews)
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2 : Action Improvements

From $500 P/M

What We Do

Every client is different and there is no magic wand that works for everyone. We determine which areas need the most attention during the first phase SEO Audit and we action a plan that see's us executing improvements for those areas, over time; to improve your rankings.

We have development, technical, creative, content and marketing resources on hand to attend to any area weather it is creating and distributing content, restructuing your website, improving your site speed, coding AMP pages, posting on Social Media or building backlinks.

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3 : Realtime Dashboards


Realtime Dashboard Detailing:

  • Site Authority
  • Search Keyword Rankings
  • Search Visibility
  • Indexed Backlinks
  • Competitor Statistics

You will have access to online dashboards that detail all aspects of your search rankings enabling you to track your sites (and our SEO) performance.

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How does this benefit my brand or business ?

Good search optmisers, content producers and analytical roles can cost businesses well over $60,000 pa just in an employees wage. For a fraction of the cost SEO Crew can take on the role and enhance your rankings at a fraction of the cost and time as opposed to hiring internally.


Your ranking for specified keywords and phrases increases in Search Engines.


As rankings increase so does your overall visibility and customer click throughs.


Ultimately as you bring more organic traffic to your business an increase in sales will likely occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our staff are based in the Sydney Office in Redfern - we do not outsource any of our SEO services overseas. SEO Crew is operated by the digital agency Performance Crew Pty Ltd.
No - However proper search engine optimisation is a long term goal and we would recommend all clients budget for at least 3 to 6 months before expecting to see marked results.
Post the SEO Audit we prepare a plan and schedule to execute over time to raise your rankings. We action this over a period of time normally at least 3 to 6 months and therefore clients should budget accordingly with our pricing starting at $500 per month dependent upon the type of optimisation work needed.
Call our director, Mike on 0450 955 336 - anytime M-F between 8 and 6.
We have ranked sites from zero visibility into the top 500 most visited sites in Australia, get in touch with us to hear about our clients.

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